About Dr. Venus

About Dr. Venus Opal Reese

Inspirational Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Chief Executive Mentor, Business Entrepreneur Coach, and award-wining theatre artist, Dr. Venus Opal Reese has consulted O Magazine and has been featured on ABC News, CBS News, PBS, in Glamour magazine, Diversity Inc. and the Associated Press. Her award-nominated solo performance work was produced off-Broadway and she has presented at the Sorbonne. Her keynotes, programs, trainings, services, and systems are based on over 20 years of research, teaching, personal experience, and multiple branches of theoretical and philosophical training. AND she is a former Coast Guard Reservist and darn proud of it! Dr. Venus Opal Reese delivers authentic, high-impact, customized success strategies and keynotes for purpose-driven CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs. Her strategies, systems and services unleash an individual’s heart-center to make big money and make a big difference while being profoundly respected and fulfilled.

Dr. Venus’ passion is for inspiring high achievers, from the inside out, to change the world. She is gifted at hearing what people are not saying, transforming the behaviors, skills, and habits of high achievers from liabilities (which worked so well in achieving but undermine success in interpersonal relationships and self-valuation) to assets, and inspiring people to take actions they had given-up on, were afraid to take, or never thought they could in million years. Intuitive and inspiring, her clients say that working with Dr. Venus has changed their lives, increased their revenue by 50%, and expanded their capacity to positively impact and influence others without force, managing, or handholding. She empowers her clients to be moved to tears by how wondrous they are and always have been; to let their genius alter the course of human history and to allow themselves to be and feel heard, fulfilled, powerful, peaceful, and proud of the difference they make in the quality of life for the human race.

“My life is a living demonstration that anything is possible.”

Once upon a time, Venus was a walking statistic. She was living on the streets of Baltimore by the age of 16 amidst violence, drugs, and prostitution. The predictable outcome was welfare, addiction, and ultimately death. Amazingly, 14 years later she graduated with a 2nd Masters Degree and a Ph.D. from Stanford University. Dr. Venus knows what it takes to breakthrough inner barriers that limit performance.  She is known as an expert in making things happen that seem impossible. She teachers her audiences and clients how to defy the impossible in their personal and professional lives to produce immediate, unprecedented, and lasting results. Dr. Venus combines education with entertainment. She gives people—right on the spot—tools that will serve them for a lifetime. Inspirational, insightful, engaging, and instructive, Dr. Venus is a dynamic speaker who will enliven and ignite the heart and soul of your group. She will show your people how to bring their full passion and purpose to their productivity, team spirit, and to their own personal lives.

Dr. Venus is the founder and CEO of Defy Impossible, Inc., a successful personal and professional development company, based in the Dallas, Texas area. As a professional speaker, consultant, and trainer, Dr. Venus uses the power of her success strategies to survive the streets, social neuroscience, and the creative power of language to motivate, inspire and empower audiences to produce unprecedented results. Her success strategies provide the following results: increase revenue, foster better staff retention, nurture customer loyalty, improved work environment and collegiality, as well as optimize productivity and profit for organizations. For her high performance exclusive clients, these success strategies provide deeper ease in working with others, greater effectiveness in life, and personal pride. Organizations and individuals who are interested in immediate, reliable, life-altering and breakthrough results see Defy Impossible, Inc.’s consulting, training, and programs as the obvious answer.

Dr. Venus is the author of numerous trade and performative scholarly articles and essays about identity, effectiveness, and leadership. She has presented to esteemed organizations and institutions such the United States of Department of Social Security, the United States Department for Homeland Security as well as Harvard University, Yale University, Northwestern University, MIT, and Stanford University. Dr. Venus was unanimously selected as one of the most impactful and important “must see” presenters of today by eWomenNetwork, the Premier Women’s Business Network in North America, for which she is currently doing an international speaking and media touring. Dr. Venus is a member of the National Speakers Association, the International Federation for Professional Speakers, WBENC, Vistage International and is an elected board member of WordSpace: a non-profit literary arts organization.