I make things happen that seem impossible.


Consulting, Coaching, Mentorships, Trusted Advising, Virtual Bootcamps, Teles-seminars, and Live Events – I support growth where you are succeeding and open whole new vistas for the vision and commitment you have for your business, your family, and your life!

We provide a range of consulting services: everything from one-on-one personal development training to advising executives on how to operate effortlessly and joyously at the top of their game in business and in life. Through our consulting relationships we provide the distinct type of listening that our clients seek to allow them to grow in their communications, both personally and professionally. Our consulting clients realize tremendous results in their communication skills, day-to-day living and operations, and in their creative endeavors. We have the keen tools to address your consulting needs and deliver reliable results where it has been difficult for you to succeed or expand in the past.

“My employees share their perspectives with me and fondly let the world know that I inspire them as their leader. Our company’s stakeholders are thriving and from the financial perspective, we’ve never been more profitable.”

Every person who lives up to their full potential—has a guide by their side who has walked the path and steers them towards greatness. Dr. Venus Opal Reese is that guide for me. Her tools around self-worth and me being my own biggest champion have helped me shine in my business, my relationships, and my community. My employees share their perspectives with me and fondly let the world know that I inspire them as their leader.

Our company’s stakeholders are thriving and from the financial perspective, we’ve never been more profitable. On the personal side, instead of feeling like my wife is always criticizing me, I am able to tell her I love her and give her the bigness of my heart. I am breaking generational curses with my sons and growing into the dad that they need and love.

If I could wave a magic wand and give you one thing, I’d give you this—the desire to go out and hire yourself a guide. To go beyond surviving to thriving, you need an advocate who has the tools, knowledge, and experience to assist you. I recommend Dr. Venus Opal Reese without any reservations to those who want their inherent brightness and talents to radiate in all areas of their life.

Luke Sweetser, Chief Executive Officer, Helios Insurance Group,

Exclusive Live Presentation Opportunity for CEO Groups and Key Executives

Purpose-Driven Profits: Secrets from the Streets

Real Talk. Real Results. Real Quick.

In this highly interactive presentation, rooted in her story of getting off the streets, Venus Opal Reese utilizes information taken from each member and key employee or executive of their respective companies prior to the meeting to discuss specific problems they are encountering regarding self-perception, personal performance and interpersonal effectiveness within their organization and personal life. Key issues covered include:

Leveraging self-worth as a bankable, competitive advantage
Social neuroscience, ‘survival mode,’ and stress
Interpersonal relationships
Passion and purpose
Impact and influence

Reese, who approaches the issue of personal performance and interpersonal effectiveness from an experiential standpoint, provides participants with specific processes for inspired action. Whereas other programs on performance focus on external or manufactured factors, Reese focus’ on impacting the internal states that determine performance. Reese enables members to take these insights and tools and implement them within their lives, relationships, and organizations for unprecedented results.

Unique Proposition to Chief Executive: There are many tools and trainings on the market that are designed to enhance personal performance and interpersonal effectiveness: leadership trainings. However, without direct access to comprehending the internal states that shape personal performance these tools are limited. The information provided in this engagement gives the CE the ability to take inspired action that is internally motivated. By so doing, the CE naturally optimizes performance, and thereby, sustainable results.

The inventory of each CE Member (and executive team) will be available in a one-on-one meeting (conference call or directly after engagement if schedule travel allows)  in order to better understand the coaching needs of each specific CE or key executive. Understanding how to alter and leverage self-perception, personal performance, and interpersonal effectiveness will help create more productive accountability, time management and, therefore, R.O.I.

Members will leave with the ability to breakthrough inner barriers that undermine performance, employ passion and purpose at a deeper level, and learn how to take actions or change behaviors that seems impossible for them. Members are also given a list of key points that can be used as a daily reference of the techniques covered during the presentation. Each CE also has a complimentary 1-hour one-on-one of the results after the presentation.

For more information about how to invite Dr. Reese to present this extraordinary presentation to your CEO or Key Executive group, please contact: